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We are SAMA KEBEL SDN BHD inaugurated in 17th July 1991. Our aim of "Building for the Future", has natural aspiration to use materials of Malaysian origin, local personnel and specializing in the manufacturer of wires and cables. Our factory is most strategically situated in Rawang Industrial Estate, Selangor D.E., a mere 25kilometer from the capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, making our factory premises link by modern expressways to market centres and ports around the country.


Product Range
SAMA KEBEL has built itself a sterling reputation specializing in the manufacturer of wires and cables. We provide the most exhaustive selection of cables and wires in the low voltage range ... this has certainly been a factor in our rapid growth.

Factory products capability:

  • PVC wires
  • PVC Flexible Cables
  • PVC Armoured Cable
  • PVC Non-Armoured Cable
  • Multicore PVC Armoured Cable
  • Multicore PVC Non-Armoured Cable
  • Multicore Screen Control Cable
  • Other products include:
    • auto cables for the automotive industry   
    • coaxial cable for household as well as industrial purposes
  • Our service includes manufacturing cables to suit clients' specifications.


    Quality Assurance
    The number one aim is to be a leader in quality and reliability.

    Our policies are works towards total customers' satisfaction with competitive price, prompt delivery and quality product.

    We have always been firmly committed to ensuring that our high standards are adhered to at every stage of manufacture. An in-house team of skilled technicians and engineers conducting constant stringent quality control checks are testament to this pledge.

    SAMA KEBEL is an ISO 9002 accredited company with SIRIM (Standard Institute and Research in Malaysia) and JBE (Jabatan Bekalan Elektrik) approval.

    Major electrical wholesalers, dealers and engineering suppliers in Malaysia also rely on our company for quality products.


    MS ISO 9002 REG. NO AR1485

    Aim for excellence, SAMA KEBEL is not content to sit on its laurels. We are already making plans to expand our product range to include telecommunication cables and a wider array of power cables.

    We are convinced that with our experience and dedicated workforce we will have the impetus to be at the forefront of the Malaysian cable industry.


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